Air Conditioning Options: What’s Best for Your Nanaimo Home?

West Temp offers a comprehensive array of air conditioning solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners in the unique climate of Vancouver Island. So what’s the best choice for your Nanaimo home?

The short answer is: it depends!

Fortunately, whether you have an existing gas or electric furnace with ductwork, or a home without ducting, we can transform your living space into a haven of cool serenity during the Island's warm summer days.

Here are some key areas we consider when choosing the right air conditioner for your space.

Understanding Vancouver Island's Climate

Here in Nanaimo we experience a mild coastal climate, with less extreme temperatures than much of Canada. However, summer months can still bring heat waves that make air conditioning a welcome addition to your home.

When helping you select the right air conditioner for your space in Nanaimo, we consider the local humid weather and the fact that homes on Vancouver Island often need efficient systems that can deal with both cooling and heating requirements.

Considering Your Current Climate System

For customers with newer gas furnaces and existing ductwork, particularly those in modern homes or renovated properties in areas like Departure Bay or Hammond Bay, we offer single-stage A/C systems from brands like Carrier and Payne.

If you have an electric furnace, a heat pump air handler system could be the best choice, providing efficient cooling and heating, which is ideal for the variable temperatures of the Mid-Island region.

In older character homes without existing ducting – which is common throughout Nanaimo, including in the Old City Quarter – our ductless solutions are perfect. These systems include wall-mounted units, ceiling cassettes that blend seamlessly into decor, and semi-ducted units for non-invasive installation in attics or crawl spaces.

Zoning Solutions for Multi-Level Homes

Nanaimo's multi-level homes, like those with beautiful ocean views in North Nanaimo, may lack ductwork on their upper floors.

Fortunately, our zoning solutions from Carrier can address this!

Carrier's system allows us to install an air handler on the existing ductwork for the main floor while adding ductless heads on the walls upstairs. By adding ductless heads on the walls upstairs, each with its own temperature remote control you get precise temperature management and increased comfort without affecting the aesthetics or structure of your home.

Outside, all of these components are seamlessly connected to a single variable-speed ductless outdoor unit. This unit operates quietly and typically has a compact footprint.

Energy Efficiency for Vancouver Island's Environment

With a commitment to sustainability and keeping energy costs down in the face of BC Hydro's rate structures, we recommend systems with a SEER of 16 or higher.

For heat pump systems (which combine air conditioning and heating in a single package), we look at HSPF ratings to ensure you're getting an efficient unit that will keep operational costs low and reduce your carbon footprint.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, and is a key indicator of air conditioning efficiency. HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, and measures heat pump efficiency. Higher SEER and HSPF ratings are better.

Tailored Solutions for Your Nanaimo Home

No two homes on Vancouver Island are the same, and factors such as house orientation, local microclimates, and proximity to the ocean can all influence your air conditioning needs.

That's why the best way to determine the right system for your Nanaimo home is by scheduling a quote with West Temp Heating & Cooling!

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