Carrier’s Air Conditioning Range Explained

Carrier’s founder, Willis Carrier, invented the first modern air conditioning system in 1902. Today, Carrier is a leader in residential heating and cooling, with a wide range of A/C solutions for your home which we explore below.

Current Carrier A/C Ranges

While we have found all of the Carrier ranges to be of high quality, each offers different features, benefits, and price points.

Here’s an overview of the current product ranges for Carrier air conditioners – Infinity, Performance, and Comfort – to help you make an informed decision on which A/C line is right for your home.

Carrier Infinity Series logo

Carrier Infinity® Series Air Conditioners

The Infinity® Series represents Carrier's top-of-the-line air conditioning series, offering high energy efficiency, quiet operation, and advanced features like WiFi connectivity and air purifiers.

These are the most quiet and energy efficient of all Carrier air conditioners. These units have a SEER rating of up to 26 and have innovative Infinity® control for superior comfort management.

This line of products offers refined cooling, steady comfort, energy efficiency and quiet performance.

Carrier Performance Series logo

Carrier Performance™ Series Air Conditioners

Representing the middle-ground, the Performance™ Series series offers a balance between efficiency and affordability, with options for variable speed compressors and noise-reducing features. Performance™ Series A/C units provide a reliable, energy efficient and quiet way to keep your home cool.

The Performance™ Series line also includes a compact A/C option that is perfect for small spaces, and represents a fantastic balance of cost and performance.

Carrier Comfort Series logo

Carrier Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

Carrier’s Comfort™ Series is the most economical way to improve the reliability and efficiency of your central air conditioning system. This series is designed for homeowners who want reliable and efficient cooling without breaking the bank. These units feature single-stage compressors and quiet operation.

These units have a SEER rating of up to 16, and in Nanaimo’s relatively short heat waves perform very well for most residential needs.

Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence logo

Greenspeed® Intelligence

While not a product range as such, Greenspeed® Intelligence is an innovative technology developed by Carrier that allows their air conditioning units to operate at variable speeds. This means they can adjust their cooling output to precisely match the cooling demands of your home. This not only helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, but it also saves energy by allowing the unit to run at lower speeds when full capacity is not required.

Greenspeed® Intelligence technology also provides a high level of comfort control, thanks to its ability to monitor and adjust humidity levels, air quality, and temperature in real-time. The result is a more comfortable living space and a more efficient and cost-effective air conditioning system.

Greenspeed® Intelligence technology is available in several Carrier residential A/C lines, including:

  • Infinity Series®: This line offers Carrier's most advanced Greenspeed® Intelligence technology, as well as features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smart home integration.
  • Performance™ Series: This line provides a balance between efficiency, comfort, and value, with Greenspeed® Intelligence technology available in select models.
  • Comfort™ Series: This line is designed to deliver reliable and efficient cooling at an affordable price, with some models featuring Greenspeed® Intelligence technology.

Add-ons for Carrier A/C Units

Carrier also offers a range of add-ons and accessories to enhance the performance of their air conditioning units, such as air purifiers, thermostats, and zoning systems. Ask us how we can help expand your Carrier air conditioning unit beyond cool air production!

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